Das neue Märchen: Putins Bomben sind Grund der Migrantenflut
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A good atmosphere between the Foreign Ministers Sergey Lavrov and German Guido Westerwelle (photo: Auswärtiges Amt)
A good atmosphere between the Foreign Ministers Sergey Lavrov and German Guido Westerwelle (photo: Auswärtiges Amt)
Freitag, 06.05.2011

Tripoli, Rapallo and Germany between East and West

Thomas Fasbender, Moscow. German and Russian politics have shown unprecedented unity within the UN Security Council with regards to Lybia. Is this a sign of new closeness between Berlin and Moscow?

The public is being told of poor planning and the columnists are still, after six weeks, frowning. This refers to the abstention of the German delegation alongside Russia with regards to Lybia in the UN Security Council resolution. Should this have been a subconscious signal, a bashful start in a new phase of an old friendship?

On revient toujours à ses premieres amours

After more than half a century of very close ties with the West and in a time where old taboos are crumbling everywhere, Berlin carefully explores a new era. The columnists of the western leading culture have certainly woken up and are publishing articles, questioning Germany's reliability in the future and stir in old wounds.

There is talk of deviation, kantonistic behaviour and lack of loyalty to the alliance. The German 'Stammtisch' (in our country the only approved form of direct democracy) is being critizised even as he is for the first time of the same opinion with the Foreign Minister.

A sober decision

However the decisions in Berlin and Moscow are taken soberly and pragmatically. Is there even an inclining of who in the Libyan desert are the good guys and who are evil? Only the Atlantic minded media knows, that's clear through their politically correct word choice: Gaddafi's henchmen. No one speaks of the henchmen of the rebels, as if there were no certified ISO.

As soon as Germany only glances towards the East, an echo appears in the media between Paris and Washington: Rapallo! We are loosing Germany!

Rapallo Treaty between two outlaws after the World War I

Rapallo, a word like the saying 'A stick out of the bag'. For adolescence: a town on the Ligurian Sea, where in 1922, the German-Soviet treaty of far-reaching symbolism was signed. In fact, the convergence of the two outlaws was the only possibility for the humiliated Germany, having been found guilty of starting the war by the West, to show the victorious countries: We can play a different game.

Germany, Russia, Prussia, for many foreign observers this is a disturbing mixture of blood and closeness. Therefore, it is only wise to regularly take the demon out of the German-Russian history.

Those were not the worst times when Germany looked to the East: the comparitively peaceful Middle Ages, wholly unaffected by the long war that formed the western Kingdoms.

The German settlements in the East, the long blossoming period of the Trade, the German Order, founded at the Mediterranean but only came to fruition in the Baltics.

Ambitions of Wilhelm II lead to war

Only the foolish Wilhelm II was fixated on the West and had only one aim: To boost Germany's competitiveness in the club of the largest colonial empires. A neighbor like Russia, in comparison to his ancestors, was not good enough for him. His ambition ended in the Treaty of Versailles and the shame gave fertile soil for the dire revenge.

Meanwhile, the Germanys are no longer willing to be pulled onto far and foreign battle fields. Twice in this century, our policy has proved us right. Yesterday Iraq, today Libya and tomorrow maybe the Pacific. Only in Afghanistan we are taking part in fighting...and for what? Democrazy in Afghanistan?

Especially out of demographic reasons we should be looking after our youths.

Detours are dangerous, not special routes

Every direction has a special route and each nation has to take their own: The British travel between USA and the Continent, Germany between East and West, France with one foot in Africa.

The detours, not the special routes fill the black pages in the history book of nations. Germany's detour started with the misjudgement of its future as a latecomer among the nationalistic countries.
This is the past. The present Germany drinks vodka with Russia and wine with France. Quoting Bismarck: We are certainly saturated.

Original German text can be found here >>>

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